Fri/Jun 14

Fenix 3rd Birthday - Sascha Funke

Sascha Funke £8/10 11pm - 4am
Fenix 3rd Birthday - Sascha Funke

Fenix 3rd birthday with Sascha Funke

Sean and me are absolutely PUMPED to announce we've got OG producer and DJ Sascha Funke coming to Glasgow to help us celebrate our 3rd birthday, a guy that's reimagined his sound through the years, has easily moved between genres and styles, the only constant has been the high quality of his output!

Over the last 20 years he's released on Hippie Dance, Kompakt Records, Multi Culti, BPitch Berlin, Turbo Recordings, and Watergate Records to name a few. Between his 2008 smash hit Mango, and off kilter wonky Wismut EP with Niklas Wandt that came out this year he's put out some of our favourite club music.

The last three years have been a total trip and we've been lucky enough to share the booth with some of our musical hero's, here's to many more.

AM & 171 laying the ground work

Sascha Funke doing the damage

Tickets on sale £8/£10