Wed/Oct 31


HusH Bonzai Bonner Dank Matter OOFT! £5 costume, £8 without 11pm - 3pm

This Oct 31st sees the return of the Berkeley Suites notorious ITALOWEEN! A hot and sweaty night of neon nightmares, silicone fears and synthetic phantasms. 

Its never a wise move in any slasher movie, but throw caution to the wind as we take down into the dark basement of the Berkeley. There you will be petrified by the hi-NRG invocations of the Italoween SCREAM team of raving replicants DJs :- Ali Ooft!, Bonzai Bonner, Dank Matter and ΩHuussHΩ. 

Fresh from a tour of seedy rec room gigs around the Off World Colonies, these synthesised sorcerers once again upload a programme of dazzling bionic boogie code - tales of paranoid androids, love starved cyborgs and creatures beyond the galaxy - all for you to shake your crazy synthetic butts long into the night.

Down-load a fantasy memory implant of your choosing / and main-frame a trip to our fictitious future world discotheque - wither you be Ellen Ripley or Neo, Chewbacca or Seven of Nine, Dana Scully or Dr Who - our computerised rhythms are programmed to react to your every dancefloor desire.

Costume Play is HEAVILY encouraged, so think future worlds / urban dystopias / post-apocolyptic chic :- Stranger Things 80’s nostalgia, Liquid Sky’s non-binary new-wave fashion, Bladerunner's hyper capitalism, Escape from New Yorks crazy street punks, Alien's twisted xenomorphs, the Fifth elements Supreme Being, The X-Files FBI street wear...

* we encourage you to SWEAT - - all bio-heat generated during the event will be harvested to maintain the Matrix Simulation.


We are screening the legendary feature length before this event on the mighty We Enjoy Sound System.