Sat/Oct 26


BONZAI BONNER HUSH OOFT! £5 / 10 11pm - 4am

Seasons of the Witch be upon you, while the Italo Witches wonder which severed Italo bits to HIT you with….

The Italoween Ritual returns to the Berkeley Suite this All'Hallows Eve, promising Nightmares and Screams and Lasers Beams as devilish crate digging horrors emerge from the Vinyl Crypt for one ghastly night on the dance floor.

Guardians of the sacred Italo Flame RISE - to cast a spell of sound upon the denizens of Glasgow. Automatic Disco Drones & Synthetic Skeletons shake their boogie bones till the break of dawn (or there about) with resident old school Ghouls Ali Ooft, Bonzai Bonner and ΩHuussHΩ make the blackest of black vinyl scream for digital mercy.

This will be a club scene of excess dress and costume mess. Role play, Kinky Klothing and Costume Doom are highly encouraged.

Come and make some scary shapes, wear your sunglasses at night, bring a mask and have an Italo Blast!!!


£5 with costume
£10 without
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