Fri/Feb 01

Magic City - Acrylic

Amy Becker P-rallel Magic City £7 b4 12 - £9 after 11pm - 3am
Magic City - Acrylic

Yoooo! Its a new year and we are booting it off RIGHT!

To kick off this year we are bringing the Acrylic Tour to Glasgow and with a DJ we have wanted to book for a LONG time!


Amy Becker, a London selector,that will fuck up any dance!!

With a selection that spans from rap to reggaeton, grime to garage and club to UK drill, London DJ Amy Becker has stormed her way to the top of the circuit following huge demand for DJ sets all over the world. Her unique ability to mix genres gained her a residency on BBC 1Xtra in 2012, and since then she has impressed crowds on Boiler Room and held down a regular show on Radar Radio. Amy’s achievements extend outside of DJing, with a compilation, print zine, and the curation of a self-released 4 track ‘RMX’ EP on vinyl featuring Sir Spyro, YGG, Scratcha DVA and Kamixlo. Her own imprint Acrylic has also propelled her to the forefront of the UK club scene, with countless sell out nights around London boasting diverse line ups that reflect her eclectic taste and passion for championing the underground.

Amy will be joined by P-rallel and our resident hit-squad, Too Gallus, King keoma and Mullen!

This Feb want to show Amy and the Acrylic gang how we do it up north so we need to see full energy all night long!


Visuals - As always Too Gallus and Slouch will be on hand to provide a mind blowing visual show and we might even have some surprises thrown in for you!


£7 b4 12 - £9 after

Remember - Get down early and dress to dance cause truss me standing outside for 40 minutes because you were getting lit in the flat is never a look.