Sun/Sep 16

Mind Yer Self's House of Worship

Mind Yer Self £5 11pm - 3am
Mind Yer Self's House of Worship

The year is 1984. You have settled down and finished your dry Sunday roast, your mum is forcing you into your Sunday best to head down to the local place of worship. You however have other ideas, you plan a night of debauchery with a group of friends. You must slide out of your crisp white attire and into something more appropriate to sweat in (and steal some of grans cherry). Tonight you have your own house of worship and it is based at your favourite local basement; The Berkeley Suite. 

Preaching from the altar are our residents; Lech & Mac - treating you to 4 hours of soulful delights and gospel bombs to send you to high heavens. 

Tonight we worship together and all our sins will help raise money for local mental health charity Penumbra, helping those less fortunate than ourselves. 

Angelically priced for you sinners:
£5 all night
£3 (guestlist to be announced)