Thu/Jan 23

Walk n Skank: Solo Banton & Mungo’s Hi Fi

£5 11pm - 3am
Walk n Skank: Solo Banton & Mungo’s Hi Fi

The Old Raggamuffin returns!

Solo Banton comes back to Glasgow for the first time in many, many moons to rock it on the mic alongside Mungo’s Hi Fi in the style & passion fashion that he does best. Singing since the age of 11, first on his elder brother’s sound, King Shamma International, Solo climbed the ranks to where he now stays; one of the UK’s king MCs.

Whether you know for his vast body of outstanding work providing relatable, entertaining and real lyrics across bold music, or you're a newbie to him thanks to the release of his 2019 album, Solo Banton is set to take you to the dancehall school.